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CASL Speaker Series

The Affective Sciences Speaker series will provide a weekly discussion and speaker series in affective science. Meetings will consist of cutting-edge topics in affective science by internal and external invited speakers, as well as a forum for discussion of scientific articles and research presentation opportunities for students. The series will also include methodological workshops covering interdisciplinary approaches to studying affective science. The series is part of a larger interdisciplinary initiative to engage students in core issues surrounding the scientific study of emotion as part of CASL.

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Course Structure and Grading

Students are expected to attend weekly and participate in discussion. Students will be expected to obtain, read, and be prepared to discuss the assigned scientific articles. Similar to other brownbag series, students with an interest in affective science (at any stage) or should plan to take the course each semester during their graduate training. Additional specifics on expectations and grading are below:

Participation & Attendance

Regular attendance and active discussion is required. You will be expected to actively participate in discussion during each meeting. In addition, this seminar will be a strictly laptop and cell-phone free seminar so as to nurture a present-focused, engaged, free exchange of ideas and questions. Bring a pen and notepad.

Leading One Discussion Group

A critical part of understanding research is to effectively communicate your findings to a live audience in a clear, concise, and captivating (three C's) manner. You will gain active experience and feedback in disseminating material in the course through teaching others about the topic. Discussion leading will be evenly distributed across the weeks. You should plan to lead a discussion of one assigned article during each term by preparing a brief 5-minute overview of the paper (using slides) and compiling discussion questions from your peers and facilitating group discussion on the topic.